Automatic Powder and granular packing machine

  •  Automatic Powder and granular packing machine
Automatic Powder and granular packing machine

Product name: Automatic Powder and granular packing machine

Category: Granule & Power packing machine

Automatic powder packing machine from manufacturer and factory is a general terms for packaging equipment for packaging powder products and there are many kinds of powder products, which can be involved in many industries such as industry, food, agricultural and sideline products including herbs tea into bag, sachet, coffee powder, spice powder, food powder, Moringa Powder, Sugar Jaggery, low cost price, milk powder, starch, pesticides, veterinary drugs, premixes, additives, condiments, seasonings, ganoderma, feeds, enzyme preparations and other products.

This automatic powder filling and packing machine can automatically complete all tasks such as metering, filling, sealing, packaging and cutting, with Auger screw filler as filling system for fine powder products. Normally, packing equipment machine are also equipped with a reliable photoelectric detection system. When packaging materials with photoelectric marks are used, a complete trademark pattern can be obtained for well cutting.
Besides, automatic powder packing machine with volumetric cup as filling system, it will work with non-fine powdered medicines, sugar, coffee, fruit jelly, tea, monosodium glutamate, salt, seeds, desiccants, etc.

Features of Automatic Powder Packing Machine:
1. Adopts fully automatic computer control, machine is easy to operate.
2. The process of bag making measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting can be finished automatically.
3. The film pulling device is controlled by stepping motor, ensuring accurate bag length positioning.
4. Adopt Auger filling system for more accurate measurement.
5. Available with stepless adjustment of bag length.
6. Optional devices: Vibration feeding system, date prihnter, easy tear device, etc.

Standard technical parameters of automatic powder packing machine:

Technical data


General Packing Machine Series

Product model:


Product name:

Fully Automatic Auger Packing Machine

Filling range:

1~10g or 10~50g  (50~200g can be customized) 

Bag size:

L: 50~200mm ;  W: 50~240mm


40~80 bag/min

Sealing type:

Back sealing (3 side Sealing bag or Stick Bag)


Auger screw filler


220V, 50HZ, 1.2KW



Dimension (L*W*H):


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