What is drip coffee bag packing machine?

Drip coffee bag packing machine, as a kind of powder packing machine are widely used in various industries in our country, mainly for packaging some granular objects. This use is most prominent in beverage industry. During the harvest season for coffee, many coffee are granular, then made into powder, and brewing home. To make it easy, automatic packing machine will be adopted.

Drip coffee bag packing machine an important contribution to the development of agriculture in our country. With the improvement of high-tech technology, the number of foods continues to increase, and people have further requirements for food packaging. As a drip coffee bag packing machine, it has great development potential in the market. It also left a potential business opportunity for many companies.

We as a coffee packaging machine manufacturer will tell you about the advantages of our Drip coffee bag packing machine and the precautions for use.

Advantages of drip coffee bag packing machine:
The packaging weight of drip coffee bag packing machine generally ranges from 1 grams to 15 kilograms and It is used to package various ground coffee powder products. The machine has high working efficiency and low energy consumption. More than 300 watts can be put into work and production normally, but the precision of the machinery is very high, and the space occupied is generally four thousand millimeters by one thousand millimeters. It occupies a small area, high site utilization, and low energy consumption.

The rolling properties of the powder are relatively large. Pay attention to the stability and transmission loss of the particles when conveying by the belt. The belt conveyor occupies a small space, only 100 cm long and only 20 cm wide, which greatly increases the space. With the flexibility of the belt, the transmission efficiency can be better guaranteed. At the same time, because of its low weight, it requires less energy consumption. Low energy consumption and high efficiency are the biggest characteristics of the drip coffee bag packing machine. The accuracy of the coffee packaging machine is 0.1, and the pressure is generally 0.4 to 0.6 atmospheric pressure.

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