Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

Pyramid tea bag packing machine can produce Inner pyramid tea bag with outer envelope in the same time, with thread and tag.

What is Pyramid tea bag packing machine? Pyramid tea bag packing machine, also called triangle tea bag packing machine, is one type of automatic tea bag making machine to process and produce tea bag for tea farm, factory and company.

What is the packaging materials for Pyramid tea bag packing machine? The packaging materials for Pyramid tea bag packing machine includes PLA tea bag, nylon tea bag, nylon mesh, pla mesh, biodegrdeable tea bag, nonwoven tea bag, etc and those tea bag filter normally are made into Film or roll with thread and tag, so that it can be used in the tea bag packaging machine.

What kind of tea products your packing machine can pack?
Our packing machine can pack many type of tea and tea bag.
By tea Variety:  Green tea, white tea, yellow tea, green oolong tea, dark tea, black tea, Chamomile Tea, Ginger Tea, Hibiscus Tea, Mint Tea.
By tea shape: Pyramid tea bag, flat tea bag, etc
By country: Greece tea, India tea, turkey tea, UK tea, Sri lanka tea
By tea shape and size: Broken tea, loose leaf tea, mixing tea, etc

We are Pyramid tea bag packing machine manufacturer and supplier and we have many models of tea bag packing machine for sale, please kindly contact us to know the price and quotation, by Email, Whatsapp, Phone, etc.

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