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Pyramid tea bag packing machine and Drip coffee bag packing machine manufacturer and supplier here, as a manufacturing company, offer you the professional packaging solution and production line, with various packaging equipment in our factory in Xiamen city ( Located in Taiwan strait), China as stock, waiting for the client visit and demonstration any time.

1. Drip coffee bag production line as below: Coffee roasting machine + Coffee grinding machine + Automatic drip coffee bag packing machine + Air compressor + Nitrogen gas generator + Vacuum coffee vibration feeder.

Drip coffee bag production line, drip coffee bag packing machine

1.1 Air compressor is used to compress the gas that can be used to drive the mechanical parts of machine, like the packing machine and supply air source to nitrogen gas generator.
Air compressors can be classified into 3 grades on the basis of their usability namely,consumer-grade, industrial grade, and professional grade.
1.2 Nitrogen gas generator: Nitrogen making machine refers to the equipment that takes air as raw material and uses physical methods to separate oxygen and nitrogen in it to obtain nitrogen so that can be filled into coffee bag to keep coffee fresh!
1.3 Drip coffee bag packing machine is a kind of automatic packaging equipment that can fill ground coffee powder into coffee filter bag and wrap up with outer wrap, which realized the bulk production with better production efficiency.
1.4 Packing materials: Inner drip coffee bag rolls that can be made by our Drip coffee bag roll making machine, and Drip coffee pouch: Film roll to make 3 side sealing pouch or Round corner drip coffee pouch (Premade pouch) as new Packing Solution!
Pyramid tea bag production line, pyramid tea bag packing machine

2. Pyramid tea bag production line offer Packing Solution as below:
2.1 Pyramid tea bag packing machine + stand up pouch filling and sealing machine.
2.2 Triangle tea bag packing machine + bottle filling and capping machine + Automatic bottle feeder machine + Conveyor
2.3 Triangle tea bag packing machine + tin can feeding machine + Conveyor
Drip coffee bag roll making machine and tagging machine
3. Drip coffee bag roll making machine and tagging machine: Here machine can produce packing materials for pyramid tea bag roll with thread, tag, and drip coffee bag filter with hanging ear for your packing machine!

7. How to set up production line with automatic packing machine according to your products:
Packing solution for tea:
1. Loose leaf tea packing machine: Pack 500G or 1KG tea into stand up pouch with zipper or Vacuum pouch.
2. Green tea packing machine: Packs 8G leaf tea into vacuum sachet bag.
3. Herbal tea bag packing machine: Packing 3g herbal tea into filter paper tea bag with thread and tag with or without outer envelope
4. Nespresso tea capsule filling and sealing machine: Fill tea leaf into capsule!
5. Ultrasonic sealing pyramid tea bag packing machine: Pack tea into triangle shape tea bag with or without outer envelope, and then into paper box.
6. Automatic tea filling and capping machine: Fill tea into tin can and add caps.
7.Automatic pyramid tea bag filling and sealing machine: Fill triangle tea bag into stand up pouch!
8. Automatic pyramid tea bag filling and capping machine: Pack triangle tea bag into tin can or bottle.

Packing solution for coffee bean:
1. Coffee bean filling and sealing machine:Pack Coffee bean into stand up pouch!
1. Coffee bean filling and capping machine: Fill Coffee bean into tin can or bottle.

Packing solution for roasted ground coffee powder:
1. 3 in 1 coffee packaging machine Including the single lane stick coffee packing machine and multi lane stick packing machine: Pack the soluble Instant coffee into coffee stick or sachet bag.
2. Filter paper coffee bag packing machine: Fill roasted coffee powder into filter coffee bag with thread and tag + outer bag, which allow you dip coffee bag into hot water for brew.
3. Drip coffee bag packaging machine: Form filter bag, fill ground coffee and seal coffee bag with outer pouch by heat sealing and ultrasonic sealing.
4. Coffee bag filling and sealing machine: Fill 500G coffee powder into stand up pouch!
5. Coffee powder filling and capping machine: Fill 500G coffee powder into tin can!

8. Why pyramid tea bag packing machine was invented:
8.1 Pyramid tea bag packing machine, as type of automated packing device, improved the production efficiency.
8.2 Plastic free pyramid tea bag filter: Adopt the corn fiber PLA tea bag which is biodegradable and plastic free, is more popular and favorable by market than non woven, Nylon, PET tea bag.
8.4 Innovative three-dimensional pyramid shape of tea bag: Not only the triangle shape makes the tea bag a perspective effect, and also highlights the three-dimensional feature that allow to tea leaf to stretch easily for better brew.
8.3 Multi-function: This type of machine can be widely used for different type of products: Herbal tea, loose leaf, flower rose tea, Greek tea, etc

9. Our drip coffee bag packing machine makes coffee bag bulk production into reality!
The drip coffee is always being faveable by the coffee consumers after invention in 1990, especially the post-90s and post-95s, and is expected to become the next outlet in the coffee industry due to convenience, quality, and sense of ritual. With the consumption upgrade and the catalysis of the new retail concept, the coffee industry has stepped out of a new model in the world, and the coffee consumer categories are becoming more and more abundant. In the sub-category market of hanging ear drip coffee, big brands continue to deploy with abundant funds, and small brands strive to break through with category innovation as the guide. Assume the future market for drip coffee will be extremely hot and bring our drip coffee packing machine a great chance!

10. Why set up automated production line and automatic packaging line:
Automated production line, or called automatic packaging line, including coffee production line and tea bags production line in beverage industry, is a general term for a working system that connects each automatic packaging machine (for drip coffee bag and Pyramid tea bag) and related auxiliary equipment with a conveying device according to the packaging process, with independent control device in each equipment, and enables the packaged items (tea, coffee, coffee power, etc) and packaging materials to complete the whole process of packaging through each packaging machine according to the predetermined packaging requirements and process sequence.

In the automatic packaging line, workers do not need to directly participate in the operation, and their main tasks are nothing more than monitoring, adjustment and control to ensure the normal operation of the automatic packaging line, which greatly improved the production efficiency of coffee and tea products.

Advantage of automated production line and automatic packaging line: The automatic packaging line has many outstanding advantages, such as improving packaging quality, increasing production capacity, improving working conditions, reducing floor space, and reducing production costs. The production line is especially suitable for product packaging with few varieties and large quantities, which will be the development direction of the packaging industry.

The packaging process of the production line for drip coffee bag and pyramid tea bag may include forming, weighing, filling, sealing, wrapping, capping, labeling, tagging and other main processes. Therefore, packaging machines are also divided into: making machine, filling machine, weighing machine, sealing machine, wrapping machine, capping machine, labeling machine, tagging machine, multi-functional packaging machine, etc.

11. Automatic packing machine and making machine for sale good price to whole world, including the country as below: Thank for the support!

11.1 Tea bag and drip coffee bag packing machine to Australia: We already sold some packing machine to Australia for drip coffee bag and pyramid tea bag to meet the demand.

Inheriting the British tea drinking tradition, Australia has always been a country that drinks black tea, the black tea that Australians love to drink is always blended, and the blended base tea is usually composed of black tea from Assam, Sri Lanka and China. The types of tea blends now consumed in Australia have changed dramatically with the addition of flavourings, botanicals, herbs and spices in biodegradable pyramid tea bag.

Coffee consumption in Australia is very strong too, which still does not affects the level of tea consumption from instant coffee to drip coffee. The continuous introduction of new ingredients and interesting flavor blends have successfully made young consumers willing to try different tea varieties and coffee products.

11.2 Automatic tea bag packing machine for Greek high mountain tea, Chamomile, etc.
Greek high mountain tea from Greece is located in the Mediterranean climate zone, with rich plant species, especially wild herbs. So Greece is rich in tea and engage in tea production.

11.3 Turkey with great history in tea and coffee drinks that make the market will need the filling and packing machine for drip coffee bag and pyramid tea bag production.

In Turkey, tea is usually grown on the east coast of the Black Sea and the Rize (Turkish province) region. In 2020, Turkey produced 305,500 tons of tea accounting for 7.4% of world tea production , and is one of the largest tea markets in the world. In addition, in 2021, the per capita consumption of tea in Turkey was 2.5 kg, ranking first in the world, followed by the United Kingdom, which consumed 2.1 kg of tea per capita. The most commonly drunk tea in Turkey is Rize tea. In addition, Turks also drink various teas such as jasmine tea, lemon tea, and Indian Ceylon tea.

“Bir fincan kahvenin kırk yıl hatırı vardır” means coffee is popular in Turkey as well! Turkish coffee, also known as Arabic coffee, is the ancestor of European coffee and has a history of seven or eight hundred years.

11.4 Pyramid tea bag filling and sealing machine for Germany Fruit tea prodution!
Fruit tea is an infusion made from cut pieces of fruit and plants, which can either be fresh or dried and fruit tea is a tea-like beverage as it is not produced using the same traditional method as for green tea or black tea, right now, they are mainly packed into plastic free biodegradable pyramid tea bag for sale in germany market.

Though capsule coffee dominated in Germany, but my client already start to produce the drip coffee bag with our automatic packing machine.

11.5 Heat seal drip coffee bag packing machine to france:
As internet celebrity, my client catch the trend and set up the drip coffee bag production line with my packing machine.

The French have developed the habit of drinking coffee, consciously or unconsciously expressing an elegant charm, a romantic mood, and a sense of comfort in enjoying life which can be said that this is a traditional and unique coffee culture.

The French also love tea, but the French choose tea leaves and drink them in different ways. On the whole, they drink mostly black tea, and there are also green teas. The drinking method is similar to that of the British. Take a pinch or a small bag of tea and pour it into boiling water Finally, serve with sugar or milk. Special French tea documents, so there are many tea brands in France. For example, Mariage Frères is one of the most famous French tea brands and the most famous French tea company in the world.

As a tea bag packing machine supplier, we would like to assist if any france client plan to set up tea bag production line!

11.6 In British culture, there is a saying: "When the clock strikes four, everything in the world stops for tea." So comes out the famous High tea, English breakfast tea in United Kingdom, and we are happy that our pyramid tea bag filling and packing machine can be right packing solution for Uk triangle tea bag and for drip coffee bag.

11.7 Middle East country like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates / UAE, Qatar, oman with a great potential for coffee and tea beverage.

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries with the largest per capita coffee consumption in the world. Achieving self-sufficiency in its production is the goal of the Vision 2030 programme. In May 2022, the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) established the Saudi Coffee Company, announced a plan to invest US$319 million in 10 years to develop the national industry, and increase annual production from less than 400 tons to 2,500 tons, which brings the chance to drip coffee packing machine manufacturer, multi lane stick packing machine factory!

Coffee is a tradition deeply rooted in Saudi culture and UAE, inseparable from the etiquette of hospitality. As an important part of Arabic culture, coffee appears in various family gatherings and social activities, as well as traditional Arabic coffee pots.

Pyramid tea bag appear with Drip coffee bag for sure, so some business man try the tea bag produciton with packing machine in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates!

11.8 Our drip coffee packing machine and Pyramid tea bag packing machine for Exhibitioin in ThaiFex, HotelEx, etc.
As an asia country, we are neighbouring with Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and we regularly attend the Exhibition, Trade show, ect, to market our packing machine! Once again, we attend the THAIFEX - Anuga Asia - International Food Exhibition in Bangkok, Seoul coffee show, Bandung West Java Food & Beverage Expo Indonesia, we will keep updated!

Thanks for support!

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