C20DX Nylon tea bag packing machine for biodegradable teabag filter

  •  C20DX Nylon tea bag packing machine for biodegradable teabag filter
C20DX Nylon tea bag packing machine for biodegradable teabag filter

Product name: C20DX Nylon tea bag packing machine for biodegradable teabag filter

Category: Pyramid tea bag packing machine

Nylon tea bag packing machine is a kind of tea bag making machine and it is mainly designed for nylon three-dimensional tea bag packaging, biodegradable teabag filter, Japanese biodegradable nylon bag by ultrasonic sealing, which not only ensured to make the tea products inside expand rapidly, but also it can quickly emit the taste of the tea, which is a popular packaging method in the market.

Following the market demand, nylon tea bag packing machine is designed to meet the packaging for tea products from black tea, green tea, white tea, yellow tea, dark tea, oolong tea, scented tea, liver-nourishing tea, stomach-nourishing tea, health-care tea and other daily foods, as well as quantitative weighing of small granular and powdery condiments the amount.

Nylon tea bag packing machine is designed with following features:
1. Through ultrasonic sealing and cutting, the three-dimensional pyramid tea bag packaging from packing machine stands upright and flat.
2. By this nylon tea bag packing machine, packaging film can be made into a triangular three-dimensional, transparent, zongzi-shaped tea bag, and it can also be made into a square flat bag according to the needs of customers.
3. The sealing edge is firmly welded and realizes the endless butt joint and It is a kind of tea packaging style that is particularly popular in the market.
4. Both nylon filter with thread and label and clean biodegradable pla non-woven tea bags material without tag can be used in our tea bag packing machine.
5. Multi filling system is available for different tea products, including electronic weigher for loose tea,  turntable volume for broken tea, sliding volume for ground coffee, auger screw filler for fine coffee powder.
6. The pneumatic components of this machine are operated by Japanese SMC, electrical components by German Schneider, and the Japanese Mitsubishi PLC controller and touch-film screen are used. This not only improves the stability of the machine, but also simplifies the cumbersome operation and is more user-friendly. Known as a fool machine.
7. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the frame is not only environmentally friendly, but also durable.
8. This machine has made some detailed adjustments in terms of ultrasonic, metering, and sealing, which not only improves the performance of the machine, but also reduces the machine greatly in terms of procedures.
9. This machine is of high quality with perfect performance, but low price and cost and It is currently the most popular packaging machine on the market.

FAQ 11: What is the parameter data of triangle pyramid nylon tea bag packing machine?


Tea Bag Packing Machine Series

Product model:


Product name:

Automatic Nylon Tea Bag Packing Machine with outer envelope

Packing Material:

Inner Bag: Nylon mesh; Non-woven fabric; PET; PLA; 100% biodegradable transparent material.

Outer Bag: Kraft paper/aluminum coating; PE/aluminum coating; PE film

Filling range:

1~10g/bag, accuracy:≦±0.1g/bag

Filling method:

Electric scale

Packing roll width:

140mm, 160mm, 180mm

Sealing length:

50, 60, 70, 80mm

Outer bag size

W: 80-100mm; L: 90-120mm

Sealing method:

Inner Pyramid Bag by ultrasonic sealing and cutting

Bag type:

Inner pyramid bag with outer envelope

Quantity of sealing device:

2 sets

Packing speed:

30-50 bags/min

Motor Power:

220V, 50HZ, 1.5KW

Air supply:

≧0.6Mpa (Can be equipped with air compressor)





Nylon tea bag packing machine for biodegradable teabag filter:

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