Automatic tea bag packaging machine for herbal tea

  •  Automatic tea bag packaging machine for herbal tea
Automatic tea bag packaging machine for herbal tea

Product name: Automatic tea bag packaging machine for herbal tea

Category: Automatic Packing Machine

Automatic tea bag packaging machine is delivered to Chile. Thanks for suppport!

According to News, the Chile is the third largest per capita tea consumption country in the world after Ireland and the United Kingdom. The current per capita annual tea consumption is 1000 grams. In Chile, tea is the most popular hot beverage besides drinking water. Due to natural conditions such as climate, geography, etc., Chile does not grow and produce tea itself, and instead, all the tea is imported from Sri Lanka (52%), Argentina (32%), Brazil (13%), and China , India and other countries together accounted for 3%,and every year,about 25,000,000 kilograms of tea products, 60% of which were small-packaged paper bags, 40% were bulk tea.

As Chileans continue to deepen their understanding of tea beverages, Chilean tea consumption is increasing. At present, tea products of various brands, various flavors and types can be seen on the Chilean market. Tea leaves in bags and boxes are also available, but most of them are in small paper bags. Black tea, oolong tea, and green tea are the main consumer varieties, especially black tea. Chileans like black tea and herbal tea, and their interest in green tea is relatively small. Among the brands on the market, Lipton, Twinings, Ahmad Tea, Té Supremo, Té Club, etc. account for the main part.

Based on this, my client plan to produce the tea bags with our automatic tea bag packing machine, instead of hand sealing and import because the business is getting better after the sales on line! 

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