Tea box shrink wrap machine

  •  Tea box shrink wrap machine
Tea box shrink wrap machine

Product name: Tea box shrink wrap machine

Category: Box wrapping machine

For high end and luxurious tea box and coffee case, high price cosmetic case.

Tea box shrink wrap machine can fully automatic wrap up your tea box, coffee case into film and shink up.

If you produce high end and luxurious tea and coffee products, or high price cosmetics, you may consider this type of machine or you can choose the L shape shrink wrapping machine istead directly.

Shrink wrap package is one of the common packaging methods in the tea and coffee industry, and the shrink wrap protects the supply of tea and also improves the packaging texture and ornamental value of tea. How to choose and use tea packaging box coating needs to consider many factors, such as material printing selection, process parameter design, etc.

In the tea and coffee industry, the choice of fashionable materials for tea packaging box coating is very important. Generally speaking, common tea packaging box coating materials include PET, BOPP, PVC, etc. These materials are wear-resistant, moisture-proof, and sun-proof, and can effectively protect the packaging quality and taste of tea.

Features for tea bag wrapping machine:
1. Fully automatic bag making, sealing, film trimming and corner cutting.
2. It is fully controlled by PLC, and the human-machine interface text alarm light can realize the function of unmanned supervision.
3. Universality is achieved through servo drive position parameter adjustment and mechanical manual adjustment.
4. Fully automatic packaging polyolefin cross-linked shrink film is faster than traditional manual packaging, with better quality, improved production efficiency, saved production costs, and improved the company's competitiveness.

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